“Whatever’s not working….. Let it go, time to realign, happy full moon”

[m.c. yogi]



Where we let go, we make space.  We open ourselves to the possibility of infinity.


Space to let go of all the weight, the things we tell ourselves, the doubts and fears and self limiting beliefs.



And just be.  Open, present… here.



After a particularly delicious yoga class, I was practicing inversions against the wall. My legs were playing above my head when all the a sudden my pelvis tilted into place.  Like someone was pushing a globe high overhead, reaching on their tiptoes to gently stack it atop it’s base.  With an ever so slight nudge, my bones are stacked in a way my body has sought after, but couldn’t quite reach after a lifetime of poor conditioning.



The spine.  The center of the bones.  And mine is suddenly in a new shape.


And I stood there, actually engaging my hamstrings, a challenging muscle to activate.  My rectus abdomens fired and I imagined a softer psoas.


Standing heart openers felt more alive.  More real.



Has my body always been this jacked up?    



To the subtle shifts that change the way in which we stand in this world, much gratitude.



Believe in faith.  Rest in love.










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