the center of here


For real though,

what if there was no trip to look forward to.


Or the next paycheck that is going to make things feel…

a bit more secure.




How do you feel about that?


Do your muscles soften or contract about it?

How does your breath move about it?








This is my yoga

where home is heartspace.



Where everything is real.

And right now.




It tells a story

of strength and fear and courage,

where junk is expelled


to make space for real things to stick.


The important stuff always stays.




The mystic poet Rumi noticed,


“You wander from room to room

hunting for the diamond necklace

that is already around your neck.”



(The diamond necklace is a metaphor.)





Study this center,

each garnish of time.


For it is here you can explore the world in any space.



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