wide open spaces


Do you ever just want to SCREAM from the depths of that untapped source within?


The one that is right there, boiling under the surface, rolling towards the crack to spill through?


The one that sparks the idea every morning to quit your financially secure job to devote yourself to something greater?  To obliterate those boundaries and let the source flow uninhibited?


What about the fear?  The unknown of how it’s going to work out?


And what about the faith?  That feeling in every fiber of knowing that it just will work out.  You know it will.  You have always known it will.


What about that faith?


But you are not in the right space; head, heart, geographic — whatever the case.



Keep the faith.  Hold it.  Securely in your heart, the anchor for your soul.  The faith that soon, very soon, the space will be wide open.



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