run, silly


At approximately 2:17 today, Sunday August 14th, I decided to take control of my life.


They say dogs are a reflection of the people and energy surrounding them, and I found myself at this time housesitting for a dog that was driving me fucking nuts.


As I sat around perusing the world online of places to travel, where I could be right now, the ways in which I could travel, the outlets to work trade,

Miles the dog was trying to eat EVERYTHING.




As  he sat chewing on a roll of toilet paper for lack of something more interesting to partake in, I began to understand that I was, in essence, Miles the dog.


Trying to explore the entire world.  Creating circumstances of the future.  Ways in which it would work and entertaining the fears that would hold me back.  Chewing my way through the metaphorical toilet paper.


As I do every Sunday, driving myself mad on this particular day of the week, plotting the restructuring of life into context of it being the right space, when everything holding me in place has evaporated and I am free to explore the depths of infinity.
With my moon in Gemini and everything else in Scorpio, an astrologer told me to look at the browser of my life.  The Gemini will open 10 different pages, while the Scorpio needs to get deep into only one of them.  Follow the depth.


So I sat there with Miles and put on some calming music.  And we just breathed together in that space.  And we both just laid down while enjoying the rainfall outside.

And what a beautiful space it was to be in.




Regardless of where you’re going or the stress that might occur, run for your life.  Even if you look silly, running unplanned in Chacos and harem pants with your hair down in suburban Missouri, where it’s customary to shower before going out into the world.


And when you’re done with the running, walk.

And when it’s time for stillness, sit in it.


Explore the earthquakes of your being,


for the love of your soul and the beauty of humanity.


It is your calling, and it’s time to fucking answer.


Photo on 8-14-16 at 4.00 PM #2.jpg




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