I accidentally ordered fish last night.





I guess the name of the dish was actually the name of the fish,

not actually the detailed selection of vegetables it was served over.



As the plate was set in front of me,

my throat immediately began to seize up

and the corners of my mouth began to quiver.


It was my sister’s birthday

and I didn’t want to make a big deal.



I’m not usually expressive or emotional,

but I just couldn’t help it as I stared at the

once vibrant sea creature

that now sat lifelessly seared on the corner of my plate

while the tears began to roll down my cheeks.


Being vegan doesn’t mean not just consuming something that was once living,

it means not supporting the entire concept.


It almost felt worse to leave the fish untouched in vain.

How could I have been so careless

and enticed by flashy words like “eggplant hummus”?







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