some kind of love

create, manifest

“Whenever possible, it is best to seek work we love and to avoid work we hate.  But sometimes we learn what we need to avoid by doing it.

Individuals who are able to be economically self-sufficient doing what they love are blessed.  Their experience serves as a beacon to all of us, showing us the ways right livelihood can strengthen self-love, ensuring peace and contentment in the lives we lead beyond work.”

— bell hooks, All About Love



Creating a life you don’t need a vacation from.


Doesn’t it sound like a dream?


Wouldn’t everyone love to live in ecstatic bliss,

un worried by the rush of societies boundaries?


We all can, if we so choose.

I choose.



I guess I’ve always been a little different, though,

deep down, knowing there was more to this life


than what the world I had entered into was showing.



The dissonance began early,

and it broke me over the years.


But the cracks are where the light enters,

and now, I choose truth.


The path of right livelihood.


The everlasting retreat into a world that propels higher vibrations,

to dance with the winds of love  and graces.



We simply have to find ourselves to get there.





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