fresh breath of fall

envision, manifest

October, man.

What a blessing.


1 in numerology.

New beginnings.  Seeds of plantation.  A fresh cup of tea.

Or 10.

Which is really just one, amplified.

Coming into realization and the core of understanding ::

Prosperity is a heart space.  Abundance can not be measured in dollars or things.

It’s all en energy exchange anyways.

My life goal is not to be rich economically.  It’s not to have all the stuff.  That shits weighs you down, and my gypsy heart needs to keep moving.

This vision of wealth:: it’s in the people and spaces that fill my heart with love.  So I can give it back to the universe in turn.

The rest?  Will fall into place.

When we fully align with our truth, life will take care of itself.

We just have to have faith.



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