10.10 ramblin’ on



What a great day to be alive in this world




When I walk into work

and immediately receive 4 hugs.


Because, ya know,

it’s Monday

and it’s been a while.






we’re born of this word

into caste systems.


Each one of us has a duty,

a dharma to fulfill.


Some of us are warriors,

some light bearers

all of us seekers of truth


Some of us so desperate to be in another one,

that we miss the intention altogether.



I can feel it, orbiting in space

the truth right in front of my eye.


Doing life out of balance

in effort to be good.



But we’re not here to be good by anyone else’s standards.

We’re here to live our fullest divine expression.


Anyone who vibes with that,

are those to dance with.








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