envision, here + now, manifest

What happens when you acknowledge

the situation you are in as unsustainable?


Non sustaining.


To so many things,

but most incredulously

the soul.




a few things:


You begin to dream:

Of the perfect world

acknowledging the true essence of your being



Of the life you would choose to live

the life you would love in every minute.

Even the shitty ones,

because they are far better than even the best of current times.


Maybe you start dabbling in the dream.

Living out bits and pieces.


But “real life” summons you back

draining your divine energy

to forget about everything that really matters.


The economic trap of staying afloat

in a stagnant pool


while your heart longs to ride the currents.



The vision realigns.

The universe (not so) subtly tells you to go for it.

Cheering you on.

Pushing you to face fear, choose love.


So you sit on it,

wondering how it could possibly even be?

Because you have no idea how it would work.


But that’s okay,

because it would definitely be different

and you were never one to be the same.





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