will yoga for…


Right now my practice isn’t as consistent as I would like for it to be. Like an everyday, hop out of bed for this kind of thing.


(Coffee trumps literally everything about the morning.  And my kapha ass is doing nothing but rollin’ out of bed. )


But when I do step on the mat (more often in the evening), it’s about the bits of transformation at a time.  The story my body is holding in the moment.   And gahhhhd, does it feel good to speak; the monologue of movement and breath.


(People love to talk about themselves.  The body is no exception.)

Like today, my side angle bind shifted in a depth I’ve never experienced.  Usually struggling to touch tips, my fingers clasped with ease.  But my other side?  Still a bit wonky.  What am I holding onto in my outer hip?




And for the first time ever, I actually engaged my shoulder blades.  Man, did that make being upside down easier.  Never even knew that action existed. Or maybe I did, and I’ve been working towards it all along?






The Bhagavad Gita explains that we must relinquish the fruits of our labor.  We must live our dharma and do it to the best of our ability, regardless of the outcome.

Or like Bukowski said, “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”



That really takes the pressure off the trip: an infinite journey.  And we choose how to perceive the human experience, one conscious breath at a time.



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