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Nine years ago, I made a decision.

Kind of.  I didn’t know what to do or how to do it and it all seemed overwhelming to navigate on my own so I followed the road that had been paved before me.

I was 18 and the world said it was time to be an adult.


I don’t even know if I feel like an adult at 27, whatever that means.


Though the decision was passive, I still communicated with the universe how I was going to go through life.  A bit aimless with no real goals, just following the road.  I didn’t often stop for the views and never actually felt much of anything.  A shell of a balloon being dragged by status quo.



Don’t get me wrong, it showed me some beautiful places at points, especially towards the end:

the peaks of Colorado, the Arizona desert, vegetable farms of Austin TX

and gave me no shortage of resumé topics:

goat milking, chainsaw maintenance, thai culture and cuisine, clay home construction, a Wilderness First Responder certification, a passion for the art of trailer backing, experience living out of a vehicle for two years and the smorgasbord of organizational tactics it takes among many many other topics.



And that was fun and all.  But that 9 year cycle is coming to a close, and it’s time for me to choose a direction.  2017.  The number 1 in numerology.  A fresh beginning.





I choose the path led by my own beating heart.



It’s always been there, and now I choose to be brave enough to listen.




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