an affair to remember


In his book,  “The Power of Now”, Eckhart Tolle talks about the attachment to time as a root of suffering or discontent or something like that.



If you would have told me when I was 21 where I would be at 27,  I would have said you’re bonkers.  Actually, I wouldn’t have said that, because the word “bonkers” would have been just too silly for my intellectual self to entertain.



I assumed what life would be. Probably working.  Hopefully in a serious relationship.




Even though I wasn’t there at the time, I always saw myself going a more holistic route.  Unbeknownst to me where that would actually lead.


If you had told me at 27 I would be surrounded by interesting people leaving the kitchen I work in making an hourly wage and kicking it with girlfriends for the rest of the day and pulling myself out of a meditation because I wanted so badly to shout from the rooftops how in love with everyone I am around most that I just had to journal about it, I probably would have told you that was not me.


And I would have been right.


Because that’s what this life is about.  Growing and evolving.  And loving every breath of the way.  Especially yourself.


Gosh this chick is beautiful.


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