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After a little over a year of teaching, I finally found the courage to ask my students,

“Why are you here?”

Why do you get up and come to yoga?


I’ve always kind of assumed people were there for the physical practice.  That’s what us Westerner’s are always here for, right?  Movement and progress, yeah?


Almost resoundingly everyone responded along the lines that they just know yoga is an all encompassing wellness practice.  Not one of them said anything about a goal to attain or a pose to get into.



My intention at the start of the year was to go back to the foundation.  I thought that meant standing poses and balance.

What I forgot?  That asana literally means a comfortable seat. To be comfortable in contorted shapes, we must know first how it feels in the stillness of our inner being.  As the mind, so the body.  We cultivate the stillness in practice to take what the world brings with ease an grace.


With my intention in place, the path led to a practice of spending at least 5 minutes (the idea of meditation has always been daunting to me, but 5 minutes?  That I could do.) in the same spot at the same time for 21 days.

By day three or four I began to stay longer. 20. 30. 40 minutes.  Letting the mind exhaust itself to be able to hear the secrets of the universe spill forth. Filling the holes I didn’t know were there with the intangible knowledge that I had previously sought in other people or things.



Also an enormous lesson in the Law of Attraction and not blocking the channel.  We must let go of the idea of what things should be, and just let them be what they are in each and every moment.  Maybe I would be standing on one leg a lot longer if I forced an outcome, but what I have learned instead is something I never even knew was inside.


In 9 days (thus far), my entire world is different.

Or more clearly, an entirely new world to explore has opened up.


And I’m fucking saddled up for the ride.






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What happens when you acknowledge

the situation you are in as unsustainable?


Non sustaining.


To so many things,

but most incredulously

the soul.




a few things:


You begin to dream:

Of the perfect world

acknowledging the true essence of your being



Of the life you would choose to live

the life you would love in every minute.

Even the shitty ones,

because they are far better than even the best of current times.


Maybe you start dabbling in the dream.

Living out bits and pieces.


But “real life” summons you back

draining your divine energy

to forget about everything that really matters.


The economic trap of staying afloat

in a stagnant pool


while your heart longs to ride the currents.



The vision realigns.

The universe (not so) subtly tells you to go for it.

Cheering you on.

Pushing you to face fear, choose love.


So you sit on it,

wondering how it could possibly even be?

Because you have no idea how it would work.


But that’s okay,

because it would definitely be different

and you were never one to be the same.




fresh breath of fall

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October, man.

What a blessing.


1 in numerology.

New beginnings.  Seeds of plantation.  A fresh cup of tea.

Or 10.

Which is really just one, amplified.

Coming into realization and the core of understanding ::

Prosperity is a heart space.  Abundance can not be measured in dollars or things.

It’s all en energy exchange anyways.

My life goal is not to be rich economically.  It’s not to have all the stuff.  That shits weighs you down, and my gypsy heart needs to keep moving.

This vision of wealth:: it’s in the people and spaces that fill my heart with love.  So I can give it back to the universe in turn.

The rest?  Will fall into place.

When we fully align with our truth, life will take care of itself.

We just have to have faith.


some kind of love

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“Whenever possible, it is best to seek work we love and to avoid work we hate.  But sometimes we learn what we need to avoid by doing it.

Individuals who are able to be economically self-sufficient doing what they love are blessed.  Their experience serves as a beacon to all of us, showing us the ways right livelihood can strengthen self-love, ensuring peace and contentment in the lives we lead beyond work.”

— bell hooks, All About Love



Creating a life you don’t need a vacation from.


Doesn’t it sound like a dream?


Wouldn’t everyone love to live in ecstatic bliss,

un worried by the rush of societies boundaries?


We all can, if we so choose.

I choose.



I guess I’ve always been a little different, though,

deep down, knowing there was more to this life


than what the world I had entered into was showing.



The dissonance began early,

and it broke me over the years.


But the cracks are where the light enters,

and now, I choose truth.


The path of right livelihood.


The everlasting retreat into a world that propels higher vibrations,

to dance with the winds of love  and graces.



We simply have to find ourselves to get there.




the different ones


You go home and they tell you you’re different.

And your heart beats faster and you smile and sometimes cry

because you know it’s true

but you don’t know who you are

Other than “different”. 

And you go to the airport  and realize,

Oh, I’m different here too. 

And that’s totally okay.

And you dream of the space

where the vibe matches your heart. 

And everyone rejoices

in the celebration of differences

While we dance barefoot under the moon.    

vision boarding ::


Have you ever had a dream so big,

so real

so vivid?



Where the only fear is

how the fuck to get there?





But it’s fine,

because there isn’t really a

“there” to get it.



It’s a  path.


A journey,

a quest of the Self.


Following one footprint of truth at a time.


Knowing each turn

is an exponential inclination

to infinite potential




change is growth

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Will we always have these doubts?

The surfacing questions?



Where are the certainties in life?


The feeling that the heart just… knows


is right.

is real.


Is it a feeling?

A place?


What would it be like to just look at a person and know

with all dualities, heart and soul,

that they just are.




And they look at you,

and they just know too.



Let’s find out.