Project Balance: to the foundation

So 2017 turned and brought us the potential of the “1” year in numerology.

What does that mean?  Well, there’s a lot to be said about it, but basically it’s the fresh start.  2016 (9- the end of the cycle) was about letting go.  This year is about healing and moving forward.


So  what does this have to do with my yoga practice?


I am not one of the people that are blocked in going upside down.  My stocky upper body brought a natural headstand early on in my practice and spontaneous handstands are known to prompt my home practice.  But I realized recently (after some shoulder pain) that just because I could go upside down doesn’t necessarily mean I am equipped to.

How am I supposed to be aligned upside down when I never intentionally practiced right side up?


With the fresh start of the year, I’m working from the ground, up.  And “balance” is really just a blanket statement.  This year is about building a foundation.  The roots of life and who I actually am in this world.  And gosh, I’m excited for the opportunity to grow into it.



And this doesn’t just mean extending longer in Warrior ||| , this means working in those details with the every day.  Getting up earlier and supporting a meditation practice are as as priority as feeling comfortable in Tree Pose.


And everything else? Will just fall into place.


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